Voices of Valor Merril Burgstahler

Merril Burgstahler was drafted into the U.S. Army and reported to Fort Snelling in March 1943 before being sent to basic training at Fort Sheridan, Illinois, to become an anti-air gunner. He was assigned to the 777th Anti-Aircraft Armored, Self-Propelled, Auto Weapons Battalion that was attached to the 6th Armored Division. In April 1945, soldiers with the 6th Armored Division liberated Buchenwald, a German concentration camp where at least 56,000 prisoners died during the war. About 48,000 prisoners had been in the camp, but about 28,000 were evacuated before the liberation. Voices of Valor are recorded and preserved by the Fagen Fighters World War II Museum, Granite Falls, Minn. Diane Fagen Executive Producer.