Voices of Valor Elvin Speed Homan

Length 20:35
Elvin Homan's journey to the front lines of World War II began in Brownton, Minnesota (South of Hutchinson and West of Glencoe). He credits his Dad for giving him his lifelong nickname, Speed. "I was young and I was looking for entertainment", Homan said, as he talked about joining up. I wanted to go into the Navy, but when I reported to the induction, I was sent to Camp Roberts, California for 13 weeks of basic training. At that time they were sending a lot of men to the South Pacific. I had heard enough about that and knew I didn't want to go there, so I volunteered to become a thinking that would be better. It also paid $50 more a month, which was big money back then.Voices of Valor are recorded and preserved by the Fagen Fighters World War II Museum, Granite Falls, Minn. Diane Fagen Executive Producer.